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Zero Waste Initiatives

We are passionate supporters of the "zero waste" movement and constantly strive to reduce our carbon footprint and landfill contributions!

Currently, we throw away less than 10 lbs of landfill trash a month from our production studio + retail shop, and we are always working to reduce that amount. 


Shipping Materials

We ship your retail orders 100% plastic-free! We reuse cardboard boxes from our supply shipments or from our neighbors, and for very small orders, we use shipping boxes + mailers from Ecoenclose (an eco-friendly small business in Colorado) that are made of 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard.

Shipping boxes are taped with compostable cellophane tape that has a natural rubber adhesive. Please remove this tape before recycling the cardboard boxes.

Orders are protected during shipment with 100% post-consumer recycled paper filler made in the USA.

Our shipping labels are printed on non-toxic label paper, and we recycle the label backing through Terracycle (an eco-friendly recycling company based in New Jersey). We do not include packing slips in retail orders, instead your order information is emailed to you.

We request that our suppliers ship our orders in plastic-free packaging, though we do inevitably end up with some bubble wrap or air pockets from time to time. In the case that we receive plastic packaging, we reuse those materials (only for wholesale shipments, never retail orders) or give them to a local small business to reuse in their own shipments.

Please reuse or properly dispose of your shipping material!


Product Packaging

Our soap bars are available unpackaged or in an optional 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard box that is sourced from a female-owned small business in Colorado. Soap loaves come unpackaged. 

Our shampoo bars and lotion bars are available unpackaged or in an optional aluminum tin that is sourced from a female-owned, 4th generation family business in California. Our turmeric acne treatment also comes in a smaller size of the same tin.

Both of our toothpowder sizes (1 oz + 2.5 oz) are packaged in a recyclable glass jar made in China with 30% post-consumer recycled glass, with a compostable cork topper made in Portugal.

Our face toner + face masks are packaged in a recyclable glass jar made in China with 50% post-consumer recycled glass, and an American-made lead-free metal lid that may be too small to recycle in your area, so please check with your local recycling facility first. 

Please try to refill or otherwise repurpose containers as much as possible. Remember to rinse + dry containers before recycling them! 

You can now return your empty Bestowed Essentials containers for us to sanitize + reuse for future orders! We accept the return of empty face mask / face toner bottles, shampoo bar / lotion bar tins, and toothpowder jars. Learn more about our bottle return program here!

All of our product labels are printed on 100% recycled label paper, and the label backing is recycled through Terracycle.

The handmade products we sell from other businesses are chosen based in part for their eco-friendly packaging. Please see individual product pages for more information about how a product is packaged.

We are also working to offer more bulk / refill options! Currently, these are only available in our Rapid City store or at select retailers. We ship our refill products to retailers in reused plastic containers or certified home compostable cellophane bags that we reinforce to prevent leaking during shipment with our compostable cellophane tape. 


Ingredient Sourcing

We source our ingredients for several carefully-selected suppliers, which include: Soaper’s Choice - a female-owned, immigrant-founded 3rd generation family business in Illinois, Brambleberry - a female-owned small business in Washington, Wholesale Supplies Plus - a female-owned small business in Ohio, and New Directions Aromatics - a certified vegan business in Toronto, Canada. None of our suppliers ever test on animals!



Do you have any other questions on how we operate our small business? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we value transparency and are happy to share how we’re always striving to do the best we can.



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