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Zero Waste Initiatives

Did you know that only 9% of all plastic is recycled? The rest is sitting in a landfill, or worse, in the ocean. Microplastics are now found in 93% of bottled water, which means tiny particles of plastic are inside our bodies. This is a serious problem!

We are passionate supporters of the "zero waste" movement and constantly strive to reduce our carbon footprint and landfill contributions.

Currently, we throw away less than 10 lbs of landfill trash a month from our production studio + retail shop, and we are always working to reduce that amount.

Our product packaging + shipping materials are 100% plastic-free - we only use glass, cardboard or metal, if there's even any packaging at all.

We request that all of our vendors ship our supply orders in plastic-free packaging, though we do inevitably end up with some bubble wrap or air pockets from time to time. In the case that we receive plastic packaging, we reuse those materials (only for wholesale orders) or give them away for others to reuse.


Product Packaging:

Soap | optional 100% PCR (post-consumer recycled) cardboard box | recyclable

Shampoo Bar | optional aluminum tin | recyclable

Turmeric Acne Treatment | aluminum tin | recyclable

Solid Lotion Bars | optional aluminum tin | recyclable

Tooth Powder | 50% PCR glass bottle + cork lid | bottle is recyclable, lid is compostable

Face Toner | 30% PRC glass bottle + metal lid | bottle is recyclable, lid may be too small to recycle in your area

Face Mask | 30% PCR glass bottle + metal lid | bottle is recyclable, lid may be too small to recycle in your area

* Please remember to rinse + dry containers before recycling them!


Shipping Materials:

Shipping Tape | natural cellophane + adhesive | compostable

Crinkle Paper | 100% PCR paper | compostable (too small to recycle again)

Shipping Boxes | 100% PCR cardboard | recyclable or compostable

* Please consider reusing any of our packaging or shipping materials before you recycle or compost them!


You can now return your empty Bestowed Essentials containers for us to sanitize + reuse on future orders! We accept the return of empty face mask / face toner bottles, shampoo bar / solid lotion bar tins, and toothpowder jars. Learn more about our bottle return program here!



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