Rapid City's First Zero Waste Store | Bestowed Essentials

Rapid City's First Zero Waste Store

New Zero Waste Store in Rapid City, South Dakota!

Come visit our production studio + zero waste shop located at
1764 Centre St. Suite 3
Rapid City, SD 57703

We're open from 10 am to 7 pm Wednesday - Friday!
You can also find us at the Black Hills Farmers Market every Saturday from 8 am to 2 pm.
Closed Sunday - Tuesday.


Our entire line of handmade products is available for sale, as well as other ethical + eco-friendly home goods, plus a BYOC (bring your own container) refill section of the following items:



Australian Pink Clay - $0.98/oz

Alfalfa Leaf Powder - $1.12/oz

Bentonite Clay - $0.16/oz

Cacao Powder - $0.90/oz

Brazilian Purple Clay

Calendula (dried flowers) - $1.78/oz

French Green Clay - $0.39/oz

Chamomile (dried flower) - $1.32/oz

Kaolin Clay - $0.13/oz

Cinnamon Powder 

Rhassoul Clay

Ginger Powder - $0.94/oz


Hibiscus (dried petals) - $1.16/oz


Lavender (dried flowers) - $1.12/oz
Avocado Oil - $0.28/oz Orange Peel (dried pieces) - $1.31/oz
Candelilla Wax - $0.80/oz Rose (dried flowers) - $1.04/oz
Castor Oil - $0.30/oz St. John's Wort (dried herb) - $1.22/oz
Coconut Oil - $0.17/oz Turmeric Powder - $0.75/oz
Grapeseed Oil - $0.41/oz Willow Bark (dried pieces) - $1.37/oz
Hempseed Oil - $0.60/oz
Olive Oil (Pomace) - $0.24/oz


Shea Butter (Raw + Unrefined) - $0.25/oz Dead Sea Salt - $0.21/oz
Sunflower Oil - $0.16/oz Epsom Salt - $0.11/oz
Pacific Sea Salt - $0.09/oz


Aloe Vera Juice - $0.10/oz


Witch Hazel - $0.20/oz Liquid Castile Soap - $0.53/oz


Disclaimer: all products are for external use only and not for internal consumption



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